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NWSAM is currently improving our online enrollment process.

Enrollments will be handled over the phone in the interim. Please call our office at 877.836.3703 or 206.463.1425 to enroll directly with our Student Services Representative.

We look forward to helping you pursue your interest in animal therapies with the Northwest School of Animal Massage.

Large Animal Massage Demonstration

Large Animal Massage Demonstration


Join NWSAM Director Lola Michelin for an actual equine massage session. Lola performs and explains each of the main features of an animal massage session from opening, to the various strokes used during a session, to the closing. You will also see first-hand the great care and understanding Lola uses while massaging, as well as her unsurpassed teaching ability.

Want to learn more about massage for your own horse? This video will provide a good foundation of information about equine massage.

Thinking of enrolling in a massage program, but having a difficult time deciding? Watch this video and you will be confident of NWSAM's committment to your success with animal massage.

Price does not include $5 for shipping and applicable taxes.