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» Aggression Ease Crystal Essence- 1 oz - $19.97
Tames the dragon. This essence helps calm anger, irritability and aggressive tendencies.    More

» Confidence Crystal Essence - 1 oz - $19.97
Helps dissipate fears and engender feelings of assurance and love. This is especially useful in dealing with the effects of past abuse and in calming very sensitive, nervy animals who appear distressed for no apparent reason.    More

» Family Crystal Essence- 1 oz - $19.97
Promotes family harmony in the household. It is great to use when introducing a new animal or baby into the home environment or if there's been a change in social hierarchy. Multi-cat households especially benefit from this essence.    More

» Gratitude Crystal Essence- 1 oz - $19.97
Opens the heart, allowing gratitude to flow out to the universe.    More

» Ground Crystal Essence- 1 oz - $19.97
Provides a stabilizing, grounding effect in the body. This essence is beneficial for animals and people who feel scattered and disjointed.    More

» Jetlag Relief Crystal Essence- 1 oz - $19.97
Assists relieving jetlag symptoms. This essence balances the body to help feel fresh and rested.    More

» Manifest Crystal Essence- 1 oz - $19.97
Stimulates focus and visioning of personal desires. This essence is made from a rare manifesting crystal from Greece. It is powerful. Be mindful of what you ask for.    More

» Passion Crystal Essence- 1 oz - $19.97
Helps add passion to one's life and to one's love life. Assists in sparking passion for those who may have lost touch with their passion and increasing passion for those who have passion.    More

» Performance Crystal Essence- 1 oz - $19.97
Diminishes performance anxiety. Great to us for you and your animal before going into competitions, show ring, agility courses, etc.    More

» Present Now Crystal Essence- 1 oz - $19.97
Helps bring one current and physically into this moment. Living in the    More

» Protection Crsytal Essence - 1 oz - $19.97
Keeps one's energy field clear from absorbing unwanted energy from others. This essence is beneficial for practitioners as well as animals and people sensitive to energies of others and their surroundings.    More

» Rebirth Crystal Essence- 1 oz - $19.97
Assists in bringing abundant support for renewal on all levels. This essence can benefit animals and people who have been sick and depleted to renew their selves.    More

» Separation Ease Crystal Essence- 1 oz - $19.97
May help reduce the anxieties of animals when their caretakers are absent. This is especially useful for animals that have formed strong bonds with their caretakers.    More

» Serene Crystal Essence- 1 oz - $19.97
Provides calming of nerves. This gives extra support for the animals who are anxious or hyper and brings a sense of serenity.    More

» Transition Crystal Essence- 1 oz - $19.97
Assists changes with comfort and ease. Great to use when moving to new house, city, country, changes in household, recovering from illness or injury. This essence is good when crate or stall rest is recommended.    More

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BOOKS AND READING MATERIAL:  Check out our assortment of books, videos and study aids.  Students may supplement their course materials with items from this section.  Brush up on a specific area or learn about a new modality!  Books are provided through our partnership with Amazon.com.  Please remember to access AMAZON through the NWSAM store for all your shopping needs.  Even if you don't purchase an NWSAM store product, a portion of your purchases will go to animal charities when you use NWSAM as your portal.

CLOTHING AND LOGO ITEMS:  This section includes a large selection of clothing for all ages, along with many fun and useful items, all featuring the NWSAM logo.  Show your school colors!  Products in this section are provided through our partnership with CafePress. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of CafePress products is donated to animal charities.

BUSINESS PRODUCTS AND FORMS:  We strive to help our students develop successful practices after graduation.  Check out our selection of items designed to get your new practice off to a great start, or provide a boost to your existing business.

WORKBOOK ITEMS:  This section features educational products developed by NWSAM.  These items are included in our certification courses.  Need a replacement?  This is the place.

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