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Our continuing education courses appeal to a wide range of people.  Often these courses will have a prerequisite.  Please check each course description carefully to determine if prior training is needed.  When a class does not have a prerequisite requirement, the class will be open to all individuals but may still qualify for continuing education credits.  Check with your governing body to determine if a particular class qualifies under their guidelines.  We are happy to work with you to ensure you receive proper credit and documentation for your efforts.

New to NWSAM in 2011 is training in Manual Ligament Therapy™ for both the canine and equine.  This brand new therapy uses the sensory qualities of ligaments to relieve hypertonic muscles and rebalance joint space, and is the only known technique that recognizes this fact while other therapies address only the muscles and tendons.  With this advantage, MLT™ is able to resolve both simple and difficult injuries and pathologies quickly, and with little or no discomfort to the recipient.  NWSAM is the only school that is teaching this exciting new for use on animals.

We are also pleased to offer an Integrated Massage & Acupressure (IMA) seminar in conjunction with our friends at Tallgrass Animal Acupressure.  The seminar will address tendon and ligament conditions affecting dogs at various stages of life, approaching these conditions from both an Eastern and Western perspective.  Participants will see and hear how the two top schools approach different canine conditions, and will participate in hands-on exercises combined with interactive discussions.

Some continuing education courses do require previous training in either massage or acupressure , so please look at the class description(s) carefully when enrolling!

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