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March 25th, 2020 NWSAM Leadership Biographies

Lola Michelin founded NWSAM in 2001 to meet the legislative requirements for animal massage practice adopted by Washington State.  Two decades later, NWSAM has expanded to offering career training in Animal Massage, Animal Acupressure and Animal Aromatic Sciences under her direction.  

Animals always played a prominent role in our Founder's life, both as a hobby and a profession.

Starting in high school and college, she worked as a veterinary assistant and veterinary technician at North Branch Animal Hospital, Michigan State University and Detroit Race Course.  After college, she took a position as a zookeeper and Conservation Education Specialist at Busch Gardens Zoological Park.

Her work massaging horses extended beyond the racetracks to the hunter/jumper shows along the east coast.  She worked as a groom and rider for Olympian Chris Kappler and managed the sales and training program at Cerulean Farm in Millis, Massachusetts as well as Caldwell Farms in New Boston, New Hampshire.


Michigan State University Pre-Veterinarian Program (Animal Science and Genetics Major)

Seattle Massage School

Equissage ESMT Training

Private Mentorship

Animal Acupressure with Kim Bauer and through Tallgrass Animal Acupressure

Horse Temperament Typing with Dr. Madalyn Ward

Animal Normalization Technique with Patricia Kortekaas 


Featured Speaker at AVMA, AVCA and JVMA Conferences in the US, Mexico and Japan

Featured Author in Massage Magazine, ABMP, Animal Wellness Guide

Appeared on Animal Planet in Information Matrix with Laurence Fishburne

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