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A Practical Field Guide to Horse Behavior: The Equid Ethogram
Sue McDonnell, Ph.D., a world-renowned equine behaviorist, started compiling the nucleus of The Equid Ethogram fifteen years ago. At the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center, she established a herd of ponies whose day-to-day existence in semi-na   More

Conformation and Performance
A guide to the performance consequences of common conformation points.   More

Equine Massage : A Practical Guide
An excellent introductory resource for the horse owner and enthusiast.   More

Essential Book of Horse Tack & Equipment
A completely international guide to the range of horse tack and equipment available today.   More

Horse: Structure and Movement
Combines anatomy and biomechanics in an easy-to-read text.   More

Why does a horse whinny and everything else you ever wanted to know

Massage Techniques for Horse and Rider
A comprehensive walk through the world of equine phyisiotherapy.   More

Natural Methods for Equine Health
Complementary therapies explained by a leading equine physiotherapist.   More

Physical Therapy and Massage for the Horse
This advanced text describes specific rehabilitative protocols for a variety of equine disorders.   More

Stretch Exercises for Your Horse: The Path to Perfect Suppleness
A convenient, at–the–barn reference to help riders give their horses the perfect warm–up, featuring 124 color photos and drawings.   More

The Horse's Muscles in Motion
Wyche uses mechanical illustrations and concise explanations to describe the actions and locations of the horse's musculature.   More

The Lame Horse
A handy reference manual useful for understanding equine injuries.   More

The NEW Equine Sports Therapy
A good investigation of the range of rehabilitative therapies utilized by physical therapists, veterinarians, body workers, and trainers.   More

The Tao of Equus
The Tao of Equus, which literally translates as "the way of the horse," explores the possibility that horses are highly evolved, spiritual beings who offer humans opportunities for healing and personal growth.   More

Understanding Horse Behavior
This book presents current information and resources on the basics of horse behavior. Included are examples of common behavior problems and suggested approaches to behavior modification.   More

Understanding the Horse's Back
A comprehensive study of the equine back.   More

Selected Book
Understanding the Horse's Back

By: Sara Wyche
ISBN: 1861261144
PRICE: $0.00

A complete survey of the structure, musculature and function of equine back physiology.  Additional information on maintaining healthy back function through preventation. 


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