Good news today!  King County has moved into Phase 2 as of today, which means we will be able to resume classes on Vashon shortly.  First, we have to submit a plan to the state for how we will meet all the new Covid-19 requirements and get that plan approved.  We are starting on that immediately.

Part of the new requirements will include PPE and Social Distancing during class.  That will affect the size of classes we are able to host.  We are adding several practicals to help accommodate all students. A few of our practicals have enrollments that already exceed what we will be allowed so our office will be in touch to help you move to another date as needed.

Below is a list of recently added classes.  This will also be available on our website on Monday for enrollment.  We look forward to getting back to campus activities and seeing you in class!
Aug 31st-Sep4th  Small Animal Acupressure Practical   Hood River, OR

Sep 14th-18th  Small Animal Foundation Massage Practical  Oregon Humane Society (tentatively)

Sep 28th-Oct 2nd  Small Animal Acupressure Practical  Vashon, WA  (limit 6 students)
Sep 28th-Oct 2nd  Large Animal Acupressure Practical  Vashon, WA  (limit 6 students)

Oct 12th-16th  Large Animal Foundation Massage Practical  Vashon, WA

The August 3rd Acupressure Practical will now be large animal only and it is FULL
The August Large Animal Foundation Massage Practical is limited to 10 and is FULLThe Tools of the Trade class has been moved to August 8th The MLT courses will be two-days on site and one day online.

Thank you for your continued patience and flexibility as we get back to work!