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The faculty at the Northwest School of Animal Massage includes our experienced instructors and guest speakers, as well as administrative and student services staff.

Lola Michelin, founder and director of the school, is responsible for curriculum development and teaches many of our courses, including the advanced levels of training. Each student is assigned a Distance Learning instructors from our pool of professional and graduates to assist them in their online studies.

We are proud to have several guest speakers who share their expertise with our students; including Dr. Michael Salewski, DVM, a veterinarian with chirorpractic, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medcine expertise and Shelly Kerron is a World Cup Grand Prix Showjumping rider and trainer.  Others include farriers, canine behaviorists and animal trainers. 

The administrative staff offers assistance with program application and financing and tracks student progress.  Sandy Dochnahl serves our student body as their student services representative and Dan McDeviit oversees financial matters, while David Coat-Robles is on hand to field information technologies. And of course, Adina Cunningha works tirelessly to care for the many animals that serve as student models at our Paxhia Farm campus. 

Regardless of your path of study, you will find the NWSAM staff friendly, professional and committed to your success.

The NWSAM Faculty

Lola Michelin, LMP LAMP SAMP
Lola Michelin, LMP LAMP SAMP Founder of NWSAM, Director of Education

Lola Michelin founded the Northwest School of Animal Massage in 2001. She has practiced animal massage for over 30 years and massage for people for 17 of those years. A graduate of the Animal Science program at Michigan State University, she has work experience in both the veterinarian and zoological fields.


David Cota-Robles
David Cota-Robles Information Technologies

David is our go-to guy for all things technical. When he joined the NWSAM staff in 2008, we were able to begin implementing many of the programs that have long been on our wish list, such as our email newsletter, better communication tools for our distance-learning students and instructors.



Kim Bauer teaches both our LAMP and SAMP program and is based near our Portland campuses. She is also our on-staff expert in acupressure.


Sandy Dochnahl
Sandy Dochnahl Student Services Representative

Sandy is the happy voice at the other end of the phone that most people hear when they first contact NWSAM. In addition to answering questions for our potential students, she will assist you in enrolling for class and manage your progress throughout class.


Rubi Sullivan SAMP
Rubi Sullivan SAMP Instructor


Angela Dinsmoor SAMP
Angela Dinsmoor SAMP Instructor


Donna Baxter LAMP Instructor


Wendy Dahl SAMP Canine Behaviorist
Wendy Dahl SAMP Canine Behaviorist Instructor


Joan Sorita
Joan Sorita Instructor