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NWSAM's Most Adorable Spokesperson says Farewell


At 12:01pm today Gorilla left this life in the same sweet and peaceful way that he lived it.  This little 20lb Jack Russell Terrier was the inspiration behind NWSAM and its most recognized face.  He charmed students for most of his 15 1/2 years and taught hundreds of people the magic of massage. 

Lola Michelin, Founder of NWSAM, met Gorilla when he was just one day old at a horse farm in Millersville, PA. They have been nearly inseparable since.  Gorilla travelled the US and Canada with Lola, teaching classes and massaging animals at horse shows, zoos, dog shows and shelters across the nation.  He taught her to find something fun to do every day and to be kind to ourselves and others.  She will be forever changed for sharing their lives together.

Gorilla loved being around horses, playing his unique form of fetch and chasing “meemees” (also known as rats) in the barn.  He adored his best buddy David Cota-Robles and was a devoted brother to his dog brother Shanny and dog sister Darci. 

NWSAM will mourn his loss and celebrate his life as long as we draw breath.  We ask your patience as we adjust to life without his sweet smile and we thank you all for the kindness you have shown Gorilla over the many years.

Life is short but love is eternal.

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