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Try before you buy in this interactive two-day course

Learn about the therapeutic value of several of today’s common tools including PEMF therapy, Cold Laser, therapeutic microcurrent and ultrasound, and far infrared.

    Are you thinking about adding tools to your practice?
Confused about which is better, PEMF or Laser?
Heard of microcurrent but not sure what it is used for?
Which tool is best for which issues?
And what can you legally combine with your massage or acupressure practice?

Learn the benefits, the basic science behind each and what conditions they help with. Try equipment out and join a team of therapists to evaluate and work with several horses. See for yourself which might add value for your clients. Hear from a leading performance veterinarian and talk with some of the top therapists who use these tools in their practice every day. Discuss pros and cons with a peer group. And get access to get deals on individual tools or specially discounted packages! (Purchasing is not required for participation).