Canine Bodywork Online: Your Pocket Resource

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The new Canine Bodywork Online program is live!  Visit Canine Bodywork Online.

What is Canine Bodywork Online?

This online program provides helpful videos and audio guides for dog owners and pros:

  • Learn helpful exercises and routines to show clients so they can help their pets between visits
  • Rest easy knowing they will be able to do their homework well when they sign up for CBO themselves.
  • CBO educates owners about the value of professional massage in addition to what they can do at home to help their pets

JOIN NOW!  Get Lifetime Access to tools and information that you can use to enhance your practice and add value for your clients.

Canine Bodywork Online
Stella poses for the CBO cameras mid-bellyrub


NWSAM has partnered with ASIS (Arizona School of Integrative Studies) to offer courses in sunny Arizona.

ASIS is a leader in massage therapy education, with campuses in Mesa, Flagstaff, and Tucson.

Watch for announcements regarding Foundation Level practicals coming in December 2024


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