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SAMP_DL_200 Small Animal Performance Massage Distance Learning

Course Description

The Level 200 SAMP Distance Learning course looks at the unique challenges faced by the athletic dog and dogs in service roles.  Learn special techniques designed to address stress patterns and improve performance.  This course focuses on techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point treatment and stress point therapy.  Learn about several disciplines including agility, search and rescue and racing sports.  Bring your practice to the next level as a performance massage specialist.

PREREQUISITE:  Completion of the Level 100 SAMP program.

Course is priced at $1500.  The 5-day practical requires additional enrollment.

Course Syllabus
SAMP200 Section 1 - Behavior and Handling

Behavior and Handling

SAMP200 Section 2 - Anatomy and Physiology

At this level we look at some of the deeper muscles and the interplay between muscle groups. A more thorough study of the fascia and connective tissue systems is also presented.

SAMP200 Section 3 - Kinesiology

Study of the movement in the athletic dog with particular focus on proprioception. Students will learn to identify which muscles are involved in specific movements in various disciplines

SAMP200 Section 4-Massage Techniques

In this performance class, we will examine specific massage techniques designed to address the myofascia. We will also study the causes of stress points and trigger points in athletic animals and how to address them.

SAMP200 Section 5- Pathology

Emergency Field Care for the Canine Athlete

Instructor: Ms. Lola Michelin
Location: Online
Student Limit: Unlimited

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