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Level 200: Large Animal Massage Practical Large Animal Performance Massage Practical

Course Description

PREREQUISITE: Completion of LAMP 200 Distance Learning course. Space is limited.

This 5-day session integrates hands-on training with the theory studied in the at-home portion of the LAMP 200 distance learning course.

This course focuses on performance massage and becomes a prerequisite for the LEVEL 300 Rehabilitation massage program.

Cost of this course is $500, which includes materials and a $50 registration fee. Please choose the $50 + Financing option when enrolling in the practical. Though we do not finance the practical, we do only charge the $50 registration fee at the time of enrollment. The remaining $450 balance will be due on the first day of your class. Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card at that time.

Course Syllabus
LAMP 200 Practical

5 Day hands-on training portion of the LAMP 200 certification program.

Instructor: Ms. Lola Michelin
Location: Glacier Ranch - Hood River, OR
Student Limit: 16
Date(s) of Class: 05/11/20 - 05/15/20

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