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Small Animal Acupressure Foundation Small Animal Acupressure Foundation Practical

Course Description
In the Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner certification course, you will study the following: ~Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory and concepts~Zang-fu organ theory~Location of Acupressure points and the flow of the meridians~Anatomy in relation to acupressure point locations~Assessment (Four Exams)~Classifications of acupressure points~Acupressure point techniques~Acupressure points for common conditions. The practical portion will provide you the hands-on tool to provide this therapy. Completion of the Small Animal Acupressure Foundation Course Distance-Learning portion is a prerequisite to attending a practical. Plan to allow at least 2 months for the distance-learning preparation before attending the practical portion. You may enroll for both portions of the certification program simultaneously but you must complete the distance-learning portion first,
Course Syllabus
Small Animal Acupressure Foundation Course

This course is geared toward students wishing to enter the small animal acupressure profession or animal enthusiasts wishing to greatly expand their knowledge base for personal use. This course focuses on acupressure for dogs and cats.

Instructor: Ms. Kim Bauer
Location: Vashon Island, WA
Student Limit: 12
Date(s) of Class: 04/20/20 - 04/24/20

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