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EQ Manual Ligament Therapy EQ Manual Ligament Therapy Foundation

Course Description

In this three-day course, you will learn the theory and application of Manual Ligament Therapy. This osteopathic massage technique will allow you to quickly and effectively address muscle tension, restore balance and joint stability.

Course Syllabus
Manual Ligament Therapy Foundation

Explore the theory and application of Manual Ligament Therapy in this foundation course.

EQ MLT Module 2

Learn MLT release techniques for the muscles of the poll and neck.

EQ MLT Module 3

Explore the muscles of the thoracic sling and learn how MLT can restore proper movement, respiration and organ function in this vital area.

Instructor: Ms. Lola Michelin
Location: Vashon Island, WA
Student Limit: 12
Date(s) of Class: 06/19/09 - 08/19/09

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