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Canine First Aid and CPR DogSafe Canine Pet First Aid

Course Description
Dogsafe canine first aid & CPR is an 8 hour course designed to teach dog professionals and owners the knowledge and skillset to respond to your sick or injured dog until veterinary care is available. Learn how to establish a baseline for what is your dog's normal/healthy state. Learn the principles of canine first aid, including AR/CPR using canine manikins as well as the knowledge and skillset to work with numerous common injuries and illnesses both through in-depth discussion and hands-on practice.  This course includes a 118 page illustrated manual.
Course Syllabus
DogSafe Canine First Aid and CPR

NWSAM proudly offers the internationally-recognized 8 hour comprehensive first-aid course developed by DogSafe

Location: Vashon Island, WA
Student Limit: 12
Date(s) of Class: 05/24/14 - 05/25/14

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