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»  Nicola Way, Small Animal Massage
Nicola Way has been massaging animals for over 9 years providing relief from torn and over-used muscles, trapped nerves, degenerative conditions, herniated discs, neurological issues, arthritis, postural complaints, stress, anxiety, digestive disorders, and more. She is trained in Tellington Touch through the Greyfriars Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Centre in the UK and in deep tissue massage through the Northwest School of Animal Massage...    More

»  Susan Holm at Mind Body Tail Massage
Serving the North Vancouver area. ...    More

»  Ren Matney
With 18+years training and experience, I focus not only on the extreme benefits of regular professional massage sessions but I pull from an extensive skill set within the Eastern Modality traditions including but not limited to: Acupressure, Reflexology & Shiatsu (ROM) to create a personalized session for your animal companion. Also working with Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral touch and Non Verbal communication, I pride myself on connecting with each client the way they need...    More

»  Wendy Dahl, MA, SAMT, CBATI
Animal Behavior Consultant and Small Animal Massage Therapist
Understand. Learn...    More

»  Kimberly Tews
Oregon Coast. ...    More

»  Quimby Lombardozzi
. ...    More

»  Jill Donovan
. ...    More

»  Morgan Evans
. ...    More

»  Cindy Link Small Animal
In the Bowie, MD area. ...    More

»  Lisa Sullivan Small Animal Massage Therapist
I am certified in Small Animal Maintenance and Rehabilitation Massage. I graduated from Oregon State with a B.S...    More

»  Margaret Taormina, CSAMP
Mobile practice specializing in therapeutic, relaxation and palliative for dogs and cats in the comfort of their own home.. ...    More

»  Nicole Brandon, SAMP
Treatments are conveniently conducted
in the comfort of your home,
job site (if your pet travels with you),
or at the sporting event they participate in.

I am also available to work on clients at
our local vet offices, shelters,
pet-friendly hotels or vacation rentals
and boarding/camp facilities.

Consider a relaxing massage session
for your pet while you're away on vacation...    More

»  Dolores Matthys SAMP/LAMP
. ...    More

»  Tannie Kindlan SAMP 100,200 & 300
. ...    More

»  Amy Peterson at Canine Massage Fx
. ...    More

»  Marta Banat
All Paws Massage incorporates a variety of bodywork modalities. During our massage sessions we draw upon the benefits of TTouch, Crystal Essences and Energy Work to guide your pet towards a state of physical and mental well being...    More

»  Courtney Foley
Unleashed Dog Daycare & Wellness Center LLC
5624 South Durango St
Tacoma, WA 98409. ...    More

»  Allyson Kirk SAMP
Lihue, HI. ...    More

»  Barbara Perkins - SAMP
. ...    More

»  Rosanne Rynerson
. ...    More

»  Andrew Cottonwood - SAMP
. ...    More

»  Yuru Feng - SAMP & Animal Acupressure
. ...    More

»  Anne Morrison SAMP
. ...    More

»  Heather Sanders - Small Animal Acupressure, Massage and Nutrition
Serving the San Francisco Bay Area. ...    More

»  Susan Marland -- SAMP & LAMP - Animal Works Massage
. ...    More

»  Molly Brennan
. ...    More

»  Linda Cyders "In touch" Horse & Hound Massage
. ...    More

»  Lisa Carter - Carter Equine Productions-Heavenly Gaits Equine Massage
. ...    More

»  Linda Troup- T Touch Practitioner, Therapeutic Animal Massage Practitioner- Reiki - Essential Oils
. ...    More

»  Kelly Belcour / Treat Animal Wellness
. ...    More

»  Janice Hill-Kendara VanNorman / SwimSpaw
. ...    More

»  Jody Barnett- Jill Oakley
. ...    More

»  Lori Stevens
Lori is a TTouch practitioner as well as a Reiki Master.
. ...    More

»  Anne Angelo, L.C.S.W.
Ceritified Small Animal Massage Practitioner
Animal Communicator (telephone and in-person) Workshops
Reiki Master/Teacher. ...    More

»  Lynnie Ford/ Wag Wellness & Water Therapy
. ...    More

»  Carol Hayes
. ...    More

»  J Linn Black Henline LMP, SAMP
J Linn is a 2003 NWSAM grad. She also is a Level III Reiki practitioner...    More

»  Daynna Major LAMP, SAMP
Daynna is a 2004 SAMP, LAMP graduate. Working from her in-home studio, along with animal massage,her services also include Therapeutic Touch, Bone Moving and Distance Healing energy work.
...    More

»  Lynn Bekkers LAMP, SAMP
Lynn is a 2004 SAMP and LAMP graduate. Working out of her studio or in her clients home...    More

»  Lisa Jordan
Lisa Jordan is a certified equine massage practitioner and has many years of experience riding and working with horses.

...    More

»  Susanna "Sukie" Baxter LMP, LAMP
I specialize in Equine Structural Integration, a modality that reorganizes the fascial network in horses to realign their structure and thus enhance movement and function. I also work with human clientelle at my my office in Seattle....    More

»  Rose Perry
Accredited & Certified Professional Dog Training Instructor
Licensed Massage Practitioner
Licensed Small Animal Massage Practioner
Dog Training Consultant
. ...    More

»  Kim Bauer, LAMP, SAMP
Kim is a 2005 LAMP and SAMP graduate. She is also a Certified Animal Acupressure Practitioner...    More

»  Allison Allbaugh, LAMP
Allison has a horse training business where she uses massage, TTouch, and TTeam work.. ...    More

»  Linda Voelker LMP, SAMP
Linda Voelker offers canine massage and canine aquatic therapy. ...    More

»  Dawn Spiegelberg, LMP, LAMP
Body Wise Bodywork offers a unique therapeutic experience carefully adapting each massge to address the needs of the individual - whether horse or human. Bodywise Bodywork will leave you, and your horse, rejunivated and revitalized....    More

»  Christie Lynn Webb SAMP
Christie is a Founding Member of the British Columbia Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork Professionals.

In addition to her volunteer work for various animal rescue organizations, Christie's calm, caring, holistic and professional approach has enabled pet owners to enjoy healthier and happier four-legged friends.
. ...    More

»  Claire Demarest, LAMP, Reiki Master, ESMP
Providing massage programs that support the improved and sustained comfort, health and performance of your horse.
Energy and body work for the improved physical and emotional health of animals.. ...    More

»  Tiffany Lane
. ...    More

»  Kerri Miller
. ...    More

»  Vicki Draper LMP, LAMP, SAMP
Vicki was among NWSAM's first graduates. She has since developed a successful practice combining her animal skills, her craniosacral training and her amazing ability to create powerful essences...    More

»  Michelle Valentine LAMP, SAMP
Animals are like wet cement, everything that touches them leaves an impression.... ...    More

»  Carolyn Anne-Ryan English
Carolyn is a graduate of NWSAM and a Holistic Veterinary Nurse at an animal hospital. She practices small animal massage, acupuncture/Chinese medicine, craniosacral therapy, homeopathy, and Reiki....    More

»  Megumi Sakaino SAMP
Megumi works with veterinarians and shelter organizations in Osaka, Japan. ...    More

»  Eeva Patrakka
. ...    More

»  Ximena Alban
Ximena has a natural understanding for animals needs, she specializes in connecting dog and their humans in an active way to benefit both, bringing their friendship to a deeper level. She is a Personal Trianer with a vision, developed a unique trianing manual people/dog program, feature in Q section of the Chicago Tribune "Good owner, good dog"...    More

»  Dolores Matthys LAMP, SAMP
Small and Large animal massage at the Oregon North Coast, serving clients from Astoria to Portland.. ...    More

»  Debbie La Monica SAMP
Debbie is the owner and lead therapist at Splash Dog in Edmonds, WA.
She also does small animal massage under the business name of Andante Bodyworks. She has a sub specialty in sports massage and can often be seen at lure coursing and racing events, where she also runs her own whippets.
She will travel anywhere in Western Washington to do sports massage....    More

»  Jessamyn Grace West LAMP
I am currently residing in Astoria, Oregon but am willing to travel for work. Fees may incur depending on your distance from my location...    More

»  Rubi Sullivan SAMP
I am a graduate of the Northwest School of Animal Massage and am a certified and insured small animal massage practitioner. I hold a bachelor degree from Oregon State University as well...    More

»  Sherri Cappabianca, SAMP
. ...    More

»  Lorna Boydston CVT, SAMP, Reiki MT
My name is Lorna Boydston. I am a lifetime resident of the Northwest...    More

»  Rachel Kinser SAMP
. ...    More

»  Carol Larson LMP, SAMP, LVT
. ...    More

»  Heather Sanders, SAMP
Heather is a wonderful holistic canine practitioner in the Bay Area, where she has her practice Wags 'N Wellness.. ...    More

»  Stephanie VonMoos, LAMP
. ...    More

»  Kai Tazuko, SAMP
. ...    More

»  Kathy Garland, SAMP
. ...    More

»  Rico Yamada, SAMP
. ...    More

»  Lori Dalton, SAMP
. ...    More

»  Jennifer L. Streit, LMP, SAMP
. ...    More

»  Jen Fraser, SAMP
. ...    More

»  Donna McLaughlin SAMP
. ...    More

»  Angela Dinsmoor- CSAMP , Serenity Pet Massage
. ...    More

»  Sandy Glass / Sydney NSW Austrailia
. ...    More

»  Aloha Animal Massage
. ...    More

»  Jennifer Lovejoy LMP, LAMP
Please contact me with any questions, to discuss Soma, Horses or Yoga and/or to set up an appointment.

For Soma with people, I work primarily in Yelm and Olympia and Federal Way, Washington. With horses, I am willing to travel up to 35 miles in the South Puget Sound Region (potentially more to work with multiple horses)...    More

»  Courtney Collins Horn/Canine Kneads Animal Massage
Courtney has completed all three levels of Small Animal Massage training and has been instrumental in aiding other graduates who are seeking help with special cases.. ...    More

»  Shelah Barr SAMP, CMT
Shelah keeps plenty of hounds happy in San Francisco, CA.. ...    More

»  Richard Wasserman SAMP
Salem, OR. ...    More

»  Pamela Clark, RMT, SAMP
. ...    More

»  Kacy Jensen - Happy Dog Mobil Massage
. ...    More

»  Madelyn Turner www.bodyworkpdx.com
. ...    More

»  J Linn Black Henline jlinn@jlinn.net
2003 graduate of NWSAM
Reiki master and teacher, LMP, SAMP, 1st aid/CPR
Canine warm water therapy
. ...    More

»  Julie Rust
. ...    More

»  Faith Bushby LAMP
Faith is a 2005 NWSAM graduate with interests in equine massage and cranial sacral work. ...    More

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